Newark Physiotherapy Clinic

"The word ‘Physiotherapy’ means treatment by physical techniques i.e. not drug based. At Newark Physiotherapy Clinic we tend to spend up to half of each treatment session (each session lasts up to one hour) carrying out ‘hands on’ treatment. The remainder of the time the patient will have ‘settling down’ treatment to decrease inflammation and pain.

The treatments given at the clinic are very much based on musculo-skeletal problems – briefly that means any condition that has its origin in damage to joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons. This damage can be in the spine – such as ‘whiplash’, ‘sciatica’ and ‘low back pain’, or may be elsewhere such as ‘tennis elbow’, ‘frozen shoulder’, ‘sprained ankle’ or simply ‘arthritis’.

Give us a ring, email, or drop in and ask for advice."

Mark Wilson - BSc (HONS) MCSP

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